ESKENAS - The Most Anonymous Cryptocurrency

Eskenas is a private form of cryptocurrency. Eskenas uses a privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other entities on the network. Eskenas uses ZK-Snarks to shield the peer to peer transactions on the blockchain making it highly secure and private.


Private Transactions

Privately send transactions only. By eliminating Public send oprion makes it the largest shielded funds pool of any project using ZK-snarks.

Borderless Payments

No more banks. Send money from anywhere to anyone.

Low Transaction Fees

Eskenas's goal is to have transaction fees close to nothing. With the power of community, we can keep the transaction fees reasonably low.

It's a Currency

Eskenas is a currency and can be privately exchanged for goods, services, and other currencies.

Secure Wallet

Wallet security is a top priority for all developers at Eskenas. Members should also educate themselves so they can protect their assets.

VR & Reality Bridge

We are not only online. We, as a community, are everywhere. Eskenas is decentralized no one owns it. The community owns it.


Eskenas is an open source, community driven project. If you are a developer and are passionate about this movement, you can help by contributing via Github or get in touch with the community.


Eskenas is about financial freedom and privacy. Eskenas is a Community that is not controlled by a centralized entity. With current rate of high inflations, Eskenas will be a refuge for those who want to store their value and beat the inflation.

Most cryptos follow a pump-and-dump scheme. Eskenas is a Community of like-minded people. It runs by the Members and is governed by the Members. Eskenas project is designed to be trustworthy and defeat pump-and-dump scheme.

Eskenas employs a Proof-of-Work algorithm for blockchain security. As an added security against 51% double-spend attacks, Eskenas utilizes the delayed Proof of Work algorithm offered by Komodo. Delayed Proof of Work indexes Eskenas’ blockchain onto Komodo’s and Litecoin’s blockchain. As result, any attempts to attack Eskenas’ blockchain will first need to overcome both these blockchains, which is prohibitively costly and virtually impossible.

The total supply of coins will be 200 million coins. 160 millions of it is in circulation and the remainder is minable.

Our Mission is to establish a community-driven cryptocurrency, where Members can protect their assests using Eskenas. Some of the Members are using Eskenas for privacy reasons, or to fight the inflation. The Community encourages Members to educate themselves before buying or selling any crypto. Eskenas Community is honest and transparent, and together we will fight for financial freedom.

Eskenas is a great asset for investment, but before you start we encourage you to educate yourself about how cryptocurrencies work. We have a great Community on Telegram and other social media, where you can ask questions and educate yourself.

It's free to join Eskenas Community. You can join even if you dont hold any Eskenas. You can connect with other members via Telegram.

Your contribution can range from Development to Public Awareness. It's best to connect with the community via Telegram.


We welcome you to be a part of our ever growing community!

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